Monday, May 2, 2011

24 hour EEG

Wednesday was a big day for us! Dylan had he 24 hour EEG. Most people who read this blog know that Dylan had a HUGE seizure a year ago on the side of the highway in Alabama. From there he went through lots of tests and appointments and we found out that he had something called benign rolandic epilepsy. Its actually the "best case scenario" in this situation. It is something that he will grow out of in 5 years and it is only brought on by the lack of sleep.
Recently his asthma started acting up again and he wasnt sleeping real well. He had a few episodes that we just didnt feel good about. They werent full out seizures like his first one but they were more of a starring off to the side type thing and acting strange. Needless to say I was a mess and called the neurologist for an appointment. I again got goose bumps when I called and was able to get in that same week! That NEVER happens. The next available appointment was none other than the exact date has his first seizure which was 2 months away...not even kidding! So to rule out any other diagnosies we needed to get a 24 hour eeg done to see if he was having "mini seizures".
He did great during the test, he got to play video games watch movies, play games with Tim and I and do some reading. The hospital was a great place to be, the DeVos Children's hospital was absolutely beautiful. We wont get results for 2 weeks. After all it is 24 hours of info that 2 neurologist have to look at and analyze. I will try to keep this blog updated, you know Im not the best at that. :) Here are a few pictures of Dylan getting the wires on and then playing some playstation with Tim.

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